Envision Fundraising A Professional Fundraising Organization

Founded And Headquartered In Ottawa, ON

Since Our Inception In 2014

We have been dedicated to helping charities raise the much needed funding to continue making a difference in the world.

Who We Are

We are a high-energy, face-to-face fundraising organization that promotes campaigns for not-for-profit organizations. 

Our Focus

Is the acquisition of quality, long-term donors through passionate personal outreach. 

Through acquiring committed charity supporters we have raised over $50 million for more than a dozen organizations.


We Believe

That effective fundraisers are vital to the success of each campaign.

Our Focus

Envision Fundraising is focused on growing our family with passionate, positive and, most importantly, enthusiastic individuals.

Our Locations

Currently, Envision operates in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Victoria, and Vancouver.