Face To Face Fundraising

What is Face-To-Face?

Each face-to-face campaign involves fundraisers having informative conversations with potential donors and asking them to commit to an ongoing monthly pledge.

We provide all the training, organization and tools needed to help our fundraisers impart each organization’s message and simplify the process of donor acquisition.

Our Methods

  • Street Campaigns

    By identifying appropriate locations, street campaigns offer simple and effective methods of targeting specific demographics and/or geographic groups.

  • Mall Campaigns

    Due to the consistent, high-volume nature of mall foot traffic these venues provide prime opportunities for our fundraisers to reach out to a large number of potential donors in a short period of time.

  • Door-to-Door

    Door-to-Door campaigns are among the oldest methods of fundraising – and for good reason. They are one of the most effective ways of quickly acquiring a large number of supporters.

  • Private Site Events

    We fundraise at various private events that have a charitable focus. If you are interested in having us work at your event you may contact us directly.

Why Face-To-Face?

Face to face fundraising not only provides an excellent return on investment, but the benefits go beyond the straight dollars and cents.


Our campaigns quickly expand monthly donor files, creating a reliable source of income for our clients. More importantly, we bring in a different demographic than traditional forms of fundraising. These younger donors are crucial to the longevity of your charity, as they are more likely to engage with the community and become ambassadors for your cause.

The chief benefit of face-to-face is every conversation helps spread awareness and increases exposure for your organization. Face-to-face campaigns can even have an impact on individuals who do not choose to donate. With our fundraisers engaging in thousands of interactions a day, we can help boost the exposure of your organization. This provides a greater opportunity to broadly communicate your message, now and into the future.